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Please be sure all guardians and students have read our Studio Policies.

We require an electronic signature on our Release from Liability Agreement before each class commitment. This is included on the Registration Form.

Scholarships, Discounts and Payment Plans always available

Please email us and let us know what you need! These conversations are always kept confidential. Full scholarships especially made available to budding young artists or Arts professionals out of work due to COVID-19.


Please pay via PayPal or Venmo after completing the registration form below.

6 Weeks Jazz (90 minute class) $150

6 Weeks Tap (60 minute class) $120

6 Weeks Nail the Audition Intensive

(60 minute class) $120

1 Day Drop In Jazz (90 minute class) $27

1 Day Drop In Tap (60 minute class) $22

1 Day Drop In Nail the Audition (60 minute class) $22


"Why walk when you can dance?"

- Ellen Van Dam


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