Meet Jalen Gregory

Jalen Gregory.jpeg

"I am so excited to be a part of the Sublimelight team and can’t wait  to share all my tips and tricks with everyone!"

Jalen is filled with so much joy to be back in Colorado doing what he loves most: creating beautiful art.


Jalen is a recent graduate from Pennsylvania State University, where he received his BFA in Acting and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Arts with an emphasis in marketing and ethnic representation.


A great bit of his work deals with activism and anti-racist practices, and he is excited to bring all that he has learned the past four years while in college back to Colorado!


Outside of performing, Jalen loves West African dance. He was trained by Aquila Kikora Franklin, and it has become one of his biggest loves and passions. He is also excited to bring that to Colorado and begin teaching such a beautiful and unknown art form to the Colorado theatre/dance community. 


Jalen’s most recent acting credits include: Five Guys Named Moe (Four-Eyed Moe, Vintage Theatre), Hooded or Being Black For Dummies (Marquis, Penn State Theatre), The Full Monty (Buddy “Keno” Walsh, PACE Center), Romeo and Juliet (Capulet, Penn State), I and You (Anthony, Penn State), Caroline or Change (Dance captain, Jackie, U/s The Bus, Penn State), Hairspray (Cool Kid, PACE Center), and The Black Boy Who Thought He Had It All (an original movie written, directed, produced, and starring Jalen Gregory).


When he’s not on stage creating, he’s running his photography business (Jalen Gregory Photography) or creating long lasting memories with loved ones.