Ethos & Policies



Vision Statement

Arts and Wellness disciplines and intentional community heal the world and help individuals soar.




Mission Statement

Help humanity thrive by offering community, instruction, support and clean, gorgeous and comfortable physical space to learn and practice Arts and Wellness disciplines.

Our studio serves Arts and Wellness instructors and professionals by reducing their overhead costs, time investment and easing their business flow so they can passionately focus on their practice and serve the world with their Highest Purpose.


Our studio serves students and professionals from all backgrounds on various stages of their journey by offering curated classes and private sessions by extremely experienced experts to help them achieve their goals and live a life of joy and ease.

Shared physical space* and administrative, marketing and business operational support eases work environments for our Arts and Wellness professionals / tenants.


Scholarship, work / trade and mentor programs empower all students to access our community.

*Each studio will only be used by one tenant / their clients at a time.




Studio Policies

  • COVID-19: We will strictly adhere to Gov. Polis' latest mandates. Masks are required for the foreseeable future. No exceptions.

  • ABSENCE POLICY: If students are going to miss a class, please notify us via email or phone at least one hour prior to the start of class.

  • ONLY STUDENTS IN THE STUDIO: We ask that only students enter the studio until further notice to adhere to indoor pandemic precautions.

  • TAKE SELF PRECAUTIONS: We ask that all instructors and students monitor their own temperatures and stay home if they suspect they are ill, wash hands often, socially distance when possible, follow all  standard COVID-19 precautions.

  • NO HELICOPTER PARENTS: We will not tolerate parents of students interfering with students' development. We believe NOW is the time to train young artists to advocate for themselves in a loving, supportive environment so they are prepared to do so when they enter the industry / "real world".

  • DIRECT COMMUNICATION: Students are encouraged to directly communicate celebrations, concerns or any other feedback with their instructors in person, before or after class. Instructors are not required to invest time outside of class hours.

  • Parents are encouraged to report celebrations, concerns or any other feedback to the Studio Director.

  • NO REFUNDS: No refunds. If student has to drop out of a commitment due to unforeseeable circumstances, student may sell their remaining dates to another student.

  • If the state of Colorado issues a lockdown, there will be no refunds but all monies paid will be credited toward a future rescheduled date.


immediately asked to leave the studio

  • Violating COVID-19 mandates

  • Bullying - by students or instructors

  • Slurs - including but not limited to: racial, gay or gender based

  • Physical assault




Dress Code

  • Ms. Joanna's Recommendations:

    • Form fitted clothing that you can easily move in. No baggy pants that drag on the floor or cover your shoes, especially for tap. Leggings or dance pants preferred. Tops such as leotards, tank tops, or fitted tees. No oversized shirts so the teacher can see your lines. 

    • Tap: flat taps or character heel tap shoes 

    • Musical Theater: jazz shoes, character heels, or men’s oxford character shoes.

    • No dancing in socks or sneakers unless specified by the teacher.



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