Wednesday October 27th, 2021

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Ms. Webb is one of Colorado's most in demand professional actors, music director, and coach! 


Act - Sing your way to a fantastic audition!


Join Jalyn as you deconstruct your audition material to make it the most authentic, connected and prepared audition piece you can have! This master class will help you understand your audition piece from the inside out. Bring your audition cut to class and be prepared to analyze and workshop your selected piece.


We will also tackle all of the questions you might have about your audition- what to wear, how to present yourself, how to talk to your pianist, and insider secrets from one or Colorado’s leading vocal coaches and musical directors! 


some reviews from past students:


“I’ve had the privilege of taking voice lessons and classes with Jalyn Webb in person before, and I’ve always admired her as a performer and educator. I recently received some online virtual coaching from her, and I was amazed again at her ability to ignite passion in her students (even through a screen). She gave me exactly the advice, corrections, and encouragement I needed to hear to not only improve my performance, but also to rediscover the joy in the process. When Jalyn teaches, it’s obvious that she genuinely cares and has invested love, energy, and thought into her students—and that holds true whether the connection is in a classroom or through a phone screen.” Lily B. 


“Today I only had thirty minutes to polish a song I am singing for a showcase in New York City. Jalyn changed/fixed the way I sing my song in a matter of seconds! Her attention to detail is unlike anything else and she knows different ways of explaining things so that you can fully understand what she is trying to teach you. I would recommend her to anyone I know! Her positive and loving attitude invites you to try knew things that will lead to a break through! She is absolutely amazing.” Cody B


“I took a Musical Theatre dance class that helped me with my college auditions. Taking private lessons with Jalyn were essential to my audition process and helped to me get in to a top tier program. Highly recommend for kids of all ages!!!!” Jake S. 

“I took a lesson with Jalyn a few weeks ago, and it was life-changing! I had been struggling with some music for a role, and in about an hour she was able to help me better navigate some difficult passages, fix some diction issues, and find some poignant acting moments written into the Music. Not only was it an extremely helpful coaching in regards to technique, but that lesson with Jalyn was also so encouraging for me as a person. It can be difficult to sing for others, and she made it so easy for me to share that part of myself. It was such a warm atmosphere. I will definitely be back—and you should go too! Katie J.