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Arts and Wellness and intentional community are proven disciplines that help heal the world and empower individuals to soar.​



SUBLIMELIGHT Studios - slated to open in June of 2021 on S. Broadway in Denver - will be a beautiful physical space with nine small to large studios shared by Arts and Wellness instructors and practitioners with inviting gathering spaces and amenities to encourage community.


Experts will offer private sessions and group classes, lectures, workshops and more for all humans age 13 and up.        


Arts and Wellness professionals will offer their services, classes, workshops and more to our community.


Our client and student base is already growing quickly. We can't wait to open doors!


“Let's join together in intentional community to create something extremely special.

Let's be gentle with ourselves and others.

Let's stay and play.

Let's grow.

Let's fall on our faces." 

Julia Tobey, Founder


   sub·lime              /səˈblīm/

of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.

"Mozart's sublime piano concertos"

elevate to a high degree of moral or spiritual purity or excellence.

   lime·light          /ˈlīmˌlīt/

the focus of public attention.

"the works that brought the artists into the limelight"

intense white light obtained by heating a cylinder of lime, formerly used in theaters.


Group & Private Classes


Online & In-Person Options


Group & Private Classes


Online & In-Person Options


Private Sessions


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We are offering private sessions and group classes at interim spaces until we open our brand new studio in the Denver area in 2021!


Private & Community Sessions


Group & Private Classes & Workshops

Theatre, Voice, Film


Online & In-Person Options


Group & Private Classes


Online & In-Person Options


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